Copyright 2005 Lynda B & Co.
(Her name is "Rose")
Laurie wanted a bistro painted behind the bar on her
patio. So, I painted the stones, the shutters, hanging
plants, awnings, red door, everything you see on this
wall.  It was fun painting this mural and the house
surrounds this pool area with huge glass windows on
three sides.
She was very happy with her "bistro"!!
My client got new garage doors. They
were white and opened in an upward
motion. (look closely you can see the
seams.)  My client asked me to paint them
to look like old barn doors that open in
the middle.The hinges and handles are
also painted on the doors. When I was
finished painting, she was sooooo happy
that she upgraded them from old barn
doors to "carriage house" doors.
His name was "Mr. Smith" and often I
would see him sitting in this very position
next to this portrait that I painted of him.  
(He was a good, very sweet ol' cat.)  
Can you find the kitty door?
Loved working with Karen!
Thank you for letting me paint these
beautiful antique doors for you.
Ruth gave me these old
tin roof pieces and asked
me to paint something on
them. She hung them
from a large oak tree
outside, at her beautiful
home in the country.
Lynda B & Company